Your heart will melt after watching this commercial from 1987… Tap below for the video…

Christmas is meant to be all about Jesus, family, and love, but we often seem to lose sight of these things in the rush and bustle of the holiday season. The time of year has been commercialized, and we are bombarded with intriguing commercials that try to persuade us to buy one thing or another. The holiday season is all about spending money.

In contrast, things were much different in the years gone by. Our daily routines slowed down, and the winter holidays had a cozier feeling to them than they do now. This was partly due to a different type of advertising campaign.

This ad for Budweiser from 1987 features the beautiful Clydesdales for which the company is known, although the emphasis isn’t really on purchasing a product at this point. It is to express gratitude to their customers for their loyalty during the previous year.

The Clydesdales in the commercial have been at the center of Budweiser ads for decades, and we can’t help but love these huge but graceful creatures.

Explore a period when life was much different by watching the video that has been provided below, which will transport you back in time. Make sure to also share it with your family and close friends. Here’s hoping that your holiday season brings back all the wonderful memories of Christmases past.

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