14 reasons why some designers should take a break…

We hope you’ve never been embarrassed by your crazy ideas or how you’ve carried them out. Every day, designers come up with fresh ideas, and we have uncovered the most original of those ideas for you. Take a look, and know that you are not the only one going through this.

We are certain that the creators of the items listed below need some time off every now and then to recharge their batteries.

#1. 4 flannels stitched into one flannel.

#2. Where is the logic?

#3. “I bought this curtain for the bathroom to scare my guests. Well, and me too.”

#4. “Bite me. Literally.”

#5. How and why did they come up with this idea?

#6. Will you ever wear these earrings?

#7. You can use whichever you like.

#8. But why?

#9. Never let your dreams just be dreams.

#10. What’s wrong with her neck and head?

#11. A new choker trend? Ughh…

#12. I guess the pebbles gave this designer a lot of ideas.

#13. I guess it’s called luxury?

#14. This purse is for a true cow lover.

Have you ever come across an absolutely amazing piece of artwork that made you laugh till you cried? Please feel free to post your photos in the comments section.

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