Artist James Corbett makes incredible sculptures out of scrap metal… Check them out here…

James Corbett, an Australian-born artist, creates stunning sculptures out of scrap metal. Since late 1998, James has been producing his astonishingly realistic sculptures out of various materials.

James’s passion for racing cars and bikes is one of his most popular topics. Animals, especially dogs, birds, and animals that live in Australia, are very popular among his art as well.  James put people in his cars and on his motorbikes. He thinks they show the sense of speed, excitement, and love for the machines, especially the older-style racing cars. James is quite passionate about this topic.

Keep scrolling to find some motivation for yourself. You should check out more of James’s incredible work on his website.










According to him, “Every day I get emails from people in various parts of the world who have come onto photos of my work.  Others have just reached out to express gratitude for the positive impact your work has had on their day, while others are astonished, inspired, or interested in purchasing some of the works.  When I found out that art students at the University of Miami in Florida were discussing and analyzing my works during lectures, I was really overjoyed.”












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