How Erin Johnson Impacts the Life of Her Son?

Timeless Lessons from the Frontlines of Motherhood After Raising a Family of Adopted, Hometown, Step, and Sponsored Children,” Margolies wrote about her personal experiences and more..,

Erin Johnson is also attempting to adopt her son internationally and publicizing her journey through social media. Her life begins in an international foster home owned by her aunt..

When she was 18 years old, she traveled to a foster home and adopted a wonderful little child. Her family opened a foster home for disabled children who had not been cared for in previous facilities.

Before she pondered entering a foster care, her aunt had returned with a photo album including children who resembled her Down syndrome-afflicted brother.

“I knew in my heart that I would visit this location. Four or five years later, in 2012, when I was a senior in high school, I began making travel arrangements to visit his nation,” Johnson explained.

When she visited the foster home at age 18, she did not recognize any of the children there. Johnson characterized the foster family as having multiple children in each room, but all of them were well cared for.

She entered a room filled with youngsters under the age of two. This is the room where she would meet her son.

“When I entered this room, all of the children were under the age of two. It was the nursery. The majority of kids only recently arrived at the foster home.

This child was uninterested in the presence of others in the room. “He was rocking in his chair,” explained Johnson.

Johnson found this to be intriguing, so she approached him and engaged in conversation. She realized then that she was destined to adopt him. Johnson equates spirituality to God.

I compared it to God uniting our hearts. Since then, I have been his spiritual mother. Someone who remembers him and prays for him,” stated Johnson.

He has not yet been adopted by her. This is because her son’s nation requires prospective adoptive parents to be at least 30 years old.

Two years must pass before she and her husband may formally adopt their son. The fact that their son’s nation is closed because to the pandemic is another obstacle for them.

Johnson and her husband can begin the adoption process for their son regardless of the country’s status. However, the door must be accessible for them to bring him home.

After the closure of his foster home, Johnson’s son was returned to his former institution. They were able to communicate with him in the hospital while he was quarantined. Johnson states that it has been a while since their last significant upgrade.

After adopting her kid, Johnson intends to incorporate his culture into her family’s lifestyle. She and her spouse are studying the native language of their son.

Additionally, her husband has started meeting with a tutor. She would like for her children to learn some of her son’s native tongue.

She would also like to include holidays from the country of her son. She is attempting to learn as much as she can about his culture to make his transition easier.

As the son of Johnson is nonverbal, sign language will also be taught to him as a means of communication. Johnson believes that through telling her story, others will recognize the importance of adoption.

“I would hope that people see the importance of orphan care and adoption. I also want people to understand that adoption is not a quick fix. “Adoption is about filling a need,” stated Johnson.

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