Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Are Now Officially Dating. Do You Remember Them From “Big Brother”?

After weeks of cultivating their relationship outside the Big Brother house, Jaylor’s relationship with Jaylor is now official…

Hale, 27, mastered house relationships and rivalries to win the $750,000 grand prize and an extra $50,000 reward for being chosen America’s Favorite Houseguest during the summer.

“My connection with Joseph has been undeniable, and the moment he kissed me on finale night, I knew we’d find a way to be together,” Hale says. “His heart is larger than the universe, and now we have the luxury of sharing our hearts. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because I adore him so much.

Abdin adds, “From the moment I saw Taylor, I knew she was exceptional. Our attraction began during the presentation, but we opted to hold off until after the game.,.

We have simply grown closer and reinforced what we already knew since then. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t want it on anybody else. She is a fantastic woman whom I am honored to name my own. She may have won Big Brother, but I won substantially more.”

Hale, a personal stylist and former Miss Michigan USA, and Abdin, a 25-year-old lawyer, met in the Big Brother house soon before the July 6 premiere of the season’s premiere episode.

Viewers originally reacted negatively to the season due to how other houseguests treated Hale, who was insulted and called expletives by her fellow cast members.

During the first weeks of summer, Abdin frequently praised her for her patience and strength, which led to the formation of a friendship between the two.

As the summer went, their friendship became increasingly flirtatious, including a time when they were bound together during a competition punishment.

In the weeks preceding Abdin’s ninth-place finish, which many deemed premature, the couple forged a tight connection. (They were so close that dishonest houseguests told Hale that Abdin had turned on her to protect himself.)

Hale, after her historic triumph in September — when she became the first Black woman to win the main Big Brother season — revealed that she probably wouldn’t have had a “temporary showmance” with runner-up Monte Taylor if she had been aware of the entire situation.

“Joseph was truly my anchor and my sanity. He was unnecessary in the beginning,” Hale said. “Knowing that my initial belief that Joseph would not turn on me was accurate, had I realized that conditions were different, I probably would not have ended up in a second temporary showmance.”

After leaving Big Brother $800,000 wealthier, Hale was greeted by a vast fanbase of “Hale Raisers,” many of whom supported her possible romance with Abdin. She responded by Liking a few “Jaylor” tweets, but stated that she intended to proceed with caution.

Hale stated in September, “I honestly have such a soft spot for the guy, and I’m hopeful that whether we’re friends or anything more, we’ll be deeply, deeply connected forever.”

Hale and Abdin (or “he “face and the heart” of season 24, as fans have nicknamed them) have been traveling together to fan events, producing unboxing videos as a pair, and even dressed in similar Halloween costumes as a reference to their costume punishment from Big Brother.

This week, Hale said on Instagram Live that she and Abdin were focusing on establishing their longevity rather than pursuing a record deal.

On Monday, Hale stated, “We intend to secure it ultimately.” But there are things that must occur and conversations that must take place. There is actual business that must be conducted.

This is material that will have an effect on our lives as individuals. And if we’re going to work together for the rest of our lives, we need to establish things for the long term.”

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