As Friends, Millie Bobby Brown’s Boyfriend Immediately Realized That She Is ‘In Love’ with Noah Schnapp.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are the best of friends, and even the actress’s boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, has seen their platonic affection for one another.

Monday on The Drew Barrymore Show, the Enola Homes actress recalled a previous comment Bongiovi, 20, made regarding her strong connection with Schnapp, 18.,

“Jake, who is my boyfriend, was like, ‘You guys are in love’ when we first met,” 18-year-old Brown recalled. However, it is in the most friendly manner.

However, Brown still considers the TBH creator to be “the best…”

She stated that she and her Stranger Things co-star have always been able to connect. “And it’s totally platonic, which is so beautiful.”

Additionally, Brown revealed one of her dating deal-breakers: “Men carrying umbrellas It’s also an ick but a major red signal. Don’t hold an umbrella for me; I can handle myself.”

Brown and Schnapp have grown up working on the Netflix series together. Fans have also noticed their connection, and some of them “ship” them as a pair.

Even though they have never left the friend zone, the two actors have previously disclosed that they have agreed to wed if they are both still unmarried at age 40.

“We agreed to get married jointly if we’re not married by age 40. Because we would make good roommates,” Brown told MTV News, to which Schnapp replied, “We would.”

“No children, however, as I could not deal with one of yours,” Brown stated, while Schnapp added, “That’s my deal-breaker. No kids.”

Brown has been happily dating Bongiovi since last year. The two didn’t make their relationship Instagram-official until November 2021 after generating speculations during the summer.

While they have posted images of each other on social media, they rarely discuss their relationship in significant interviews. In the summer, though, Brown appeared to refer to Bongiovi as “the love of my life” in a social media post.

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