10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad from Drowning in Pool. See How.

“I’ve had several moments with dad, including joyful, sad, and angry ones, but I didn’t want this to be the last,” Bridon Hassig said of his father.

Twin brothers from Alabama are lauded for their valor after saving their father from drowning in their backyard pool.

On June 14, Bridon and Christian Hassig, ages 10, together with their 11-year-old buddy Sam Ebert, rushed to their father’s aid while he was trying underwater breathing exercises in their pool.

“He normally appears to be meditating,” Christian reported to WBRC. “I observed that he was violently trembling before he simply laid on his side.

Since I was wearing goggles, I could see that his face was becoming very pale blue. I told Bridon that my father was ill.”

Bridon added: “Sam and I jumped into the water, and I grabbed one of his shoulders while he grabbed the other. Simply, we carried him to the stairs.”

Bridon revealed during an appearance on the TODAY show that, despite lacking training, he performed CPR on Brad after bringing him to the surface, mimicking a scene from the 1993 film The Sandlot.

Additionally, Christian assisted by flagging down a motorist who contacted 911.

Brad described to TODAY on Wednesday, “I went from serenity to getting pounded on the deck of the pool, and then it was chaos and everyone was everywhere.”

“They were emergency personnel. I heard, ‘Daddy, Daddy. Please return, Daddy. You must be fine.’ It was insane.”

According to WBRC, Brad was brought to a local hospital and discharged 24 hours later. He told the news station that he is “very proud” of his sons and will be “forever thankful” to them for saving his life.

Brad told TODAY, “Physically, there’s no way they should have been able to pull a 185-pound man out of the water like that and know and execute what they did so swiftly and perfectly.”

“To sprint as quickly as they did, no lack of action. God’s fingerprints are all over everything.”

Nevertheless, Bridon stated that he realized he had to save his father’s life..,

“I’ve had joyful, sad, and angry times with him, but I don’t want this to be the last moment,” he stated,..

Last month, Lori Hassig, Brad’s wife, also made a Facebook post regarding the incident.

She wrote, “Thank you, God, for giving those three boys the strength to save my husband.” You are our heroes for all eternity.

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