VIDEO: The daughter of an Ohio police detective is honored after she saves the life of a 7-month-old infant in a car accident.

“In a very chaotic, highly tense, and very frightening scenario, she kept composure,” stated the police chief…

A mother from Ohio is commended for rushing to the aid of a 7-month-old child involved in an automobile accident,..

The Akron Police Department recognized Ladonya Williams on Wednesday, nearly three months after her courageous actions saved the infant’s life on August 22.

At the news conference when Ladonya, 20, was awarded a civilian commendation, Chief Stephen Mylett stated, “It wasn’t just a life, it was one of the most precious lives in a community: a 7-month-old baby.”

Mylett said, “In a circumstance that was highly hectic, very stressful, and very frightening, she kept control.” “She went over, retrieved the infant who was not breathing, began compressions, and brought the infant back”

Ladonya Williams, whose father is a 30-year Akron police detective named Donny Williams, stated that her acts were nothing out of the ordinary, according to ABC affiliate WEWS.

She told the local publication, “I don’t really feel like a hero.” I simply feel like someone who was able to aid someone in need, and I believe that everyone who could have done so would have.

WEWS reported that the event occurred around 9 p.m. on August 22 when Ladonya and her father were returning from a visit to her grandmother in Akron.

According to the source, while stopped at a red light, the duo immediately observed a Grand Cherokee speeding towards them from behind.

The automobile crossed the centerline before colliding with a car that was about to turn. Ladonya and Donny observed the terrifying event, although they were not involved in the collision, according to WEWS.

Ladonya, who has been professionally modeling with Fashion Teens of Akron since she was 14 years old, observed a troubled woman exiting the vehicle and pleading for assistance, as reported by WEWS.

“I thought, “Oh my God, I have no idea what’s going on.” She screamed that her child was suffocating and was dying “She recounted for the publication. Everything was occurring so quickly.

WEWS stated that Ladonya initially believed the infant stopped breathing because of the collision, but later realized that he had stopped breathing prior to the accident, prompting his mother to rush to the hospital.

“I simply wanted him to be okay, and I didn’t want the mother to lose her child,” Ladonya explained.

“As soon as the mother reported her child was choking, I knew exactly what to do,” she told Fox affiliate WJW.

According to WEWS, Ladonya immediately began resuscitating the infant using techniques she had learnt in a Red Cross first aid course she completed at the age of 18.

“I was on my knee and had him in an inverted position while stroking his back quite forcefully,” she told the outlet.

“I knew the baby was receiving some air, the ambulance was on its way, and we were so near to the hospital, so I flipped him over and put my ear to his chest to make sure he was breathing, and he was,” she told WJW.

Then, I simply hugged him to my chest and held his mother’s hand while we waited for the paramedics.

As the scene played out, Donny was extremely impressed by his daughter’s initiative.

“Everyone there, even me as a qualified professional, is in a state of terror. It’s something I do every day and see all the time, but to witness someone perform like that, especially my daughter under such intense pressure at such a horrifying scenario, was simply astounding..,

“It was one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen,” he told WEWS. “And for that to be my kid, it was truly, truly extraordinary.”

Ladonya was meant to be in Chicago for a modeling job at the time, but she canceled due to illness, her father stated at the press conference.

She told the source, “I was able to accomplish something big, and I knew in that moment that I was intended to be there.”

Her father told WEWS, “The cosmos had a different calling for her on that date.”

WEWS reports that the infant was transferred to Akron Children’s Hospital following the incident, while his mother was charged for reckless operation due to high speed. According to a relative, the infant is currently doing well.

Chief Mylett praised Ladonya once more on Wednesday, telling the crowd, “This is a fantastic example of someone who, when called upon to do anything, does not hesitate and responds.”

Donny stated at the news conference, “I am always happy of my children, but this may be one of the proudest moments of my life.” “To see her perform such a wonderful, unselfish gesture… it’s one of those things in life that you will never forget.”

Ladonya stated at the conference that she “never imagined doing anything like this in my life,” but advised others to learn from her experience.

She told reporters, “I really want to encourage everyone to become certified in CPR and do what you can wherever you are.”

She remarked to WEWS, “It’s really significant.” You might save someone’s life.

Watch the video below.

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