A 25-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Runs Into a Burning House and Saves Five Children, Receiving $500,000 and a ‘New Lease on Life’

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A city is honoring a man as a hero because he rushed into a burning house to save a young daughter.

Nicholas Bostic, age 25, was driving aimlessly about his town after a late-night quarrel with his fiancée when he observed the house entirely engulfed in flames.

Allegedly, as he ran inside, his shouts roused four youngsters and a family friend from sleep. Seionna Barret, the eldest of five, was 18 years old when she gathered her siblings and proceeded to descend the steps from the second level, where they found Nick.

However, upon outside, Seionna informed Bostic that her 6-year-old sister was not present. Running inside through the rear door, Bostic described the ground level of the Lafayette, Indiana residence as a “black lagoon” of smoke.

But after searching every bedroom on the second level, he was still unable to locate the child.

“When he heard a child’s scream coming from the basement, he moved to a window to flee the house,” write city reporters who met with the savior.

“Nicholas held an internal conversation with himself. He knew he was there to rescue the child, and despite being terrified by the fire and smoke downstairs, he refused to go.,.

Following the girl’s cries, he crawled through the darkness with a T-shirt wrapped around his mouth.

Then, he located her, returned through the smoke, went upstairs, shattered a window with his bare hand, and leaped down onto the lawn, where a firefighting unit had arrived and was beginning to extinguish the blaze..

Bostic was airlifted to a hospital with first-degree burns, a nasty arm wound, and smoke inhalation; the infant was perfectly unhurt..

Bostic’s cousin created a GoFundMe for his medical expenses, which surpassed the $100,000 goal by raising $556,000 for a hero who will be honored at the next Lafayette Aviators minor league baseball game..

The event, according to Bostic, has given him a “new lease on life” that makes him eager to play football or drift a sports car.

Indeed, he spent enough time in that blazing house to see the lives of numerous people flash before his eyes..

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