A Chicago homeless fixed flat tire and saved the owner. See how.

One of the week’s most popular postings on the vast Reddit community website invoked all the emotions associated with a simple act of generosity, especially when the gesture was performed by a homeless guy…

A Reddit user captured the spontaneous helping hand in a photograph and described it to the MakeMeSmile subreddit, which gave her 86,000 thumbs up.

A homeless man replaced her tire after she was stranded in Chicago with a flat tire while wearing a skirt and high heels.

“I only had $60 on me, but I handed it to him out of gratitude for saving me,” she added.

She would have missed an important supper if she had to wait for a service to come at the intersection of Federal Street and Ida B. Wells Drive..

“He truly saved me,” she emphasized, adding, “I am not a mechanic…”

“Those lug nuts were mounted so securely. I seriously doubt I could have done it. He battled tremendously with them personally.”

“He was very kind. He addressed me as “lady” and even opened my car door.
He was an exemplary guy.”

In the 500+ comments that followed, people shared similar instances in which homeless individuals provided assistance…,

Dwoodruf remarked, “Had a flat tire in an unsavory part in Oakland, and the homeless were delighted to assist me. This memory gives me a grin.”

Its not me, I believe, said, “When I was traveling in the snow years ago and slipped into a snowbank, a homeless man approached me and offered to pull me out…

He pushed my car out of the snowbank; it was really difficult, and he spent a great deal of time assisting me…

I was so grateful that I handed him my last twenty dollars, even though he didn’t want it.

One individual stated, “There’s a good chance the guy didn’t even expect anything.” Humans enjoy feeling helpful, yet being homeless makes it really difficult to feel anything except worthless…

Stryker511 proposed that she “spin by that location again with some food, gift certificates, and socks,” which she enthusiastically accepted.,.

“That is such an excellent concept. You are completely correct… I’m a chef, and I’ve given homeless people, train conductors, and Uber drivers food I was carrying home from work.”

She summed it up by adding, “I will never forget this experience.”

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