A Teenager Finds a Woman’s Purse and is Rewarded $17,000 for Delivering It to Her Door.

A 17-year-old in San Diego returned a pocketbook found in the parking lot of a grocery shop. Although he anticipated nothing in return, hundreds of strangers have offered him a substantial reward.

Two weeks ago, Adrian Rodriquez discovered the green purse in Ralph’s parking lot in Chula Vista, California. Instead of carrying it into the store, he delivered it to the woman’s front door.

Although the owner, Eliana Martin, was not there, her purse was left with the roommates, and security footage was later utilized to locate the high school graduate and express her affection.

“When I viewed the Ring camera, I said, ‘Oh my God. He is such a tiny child,'” Melina Marquez recalls. “We must locate him and offer him a token of appreciation.”

She and Martin shared the arresting image to social media and located the young man who returned the bag, which included $20 and a wallet containing a number of credit cards.

Adrian told NBC News that his mother raised him to always do the right thing when no one is around. I honestly did not expect anything in return.

“If someone found my belongings, I would want them returned to me,” replied the young man.

However, the good news did not end there. Marquez created a GoFundMe account so that Adrian’s friends and new admirers could reward his integrity.,.

764 donors contributed almost $17,000 in total…

“Every parent hopes that their children will grow up to be just like this young man,” Marquez said in the video below for 10News.

Watch the video from the segment Positively San Diego on 10News…

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