VIDEO: You Won’t Believe When You See Why the Couple Quits Their Jobs to Travel Around the World in a Van.

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As demonstrated by Helen Weedon and Tristan Young of England, quitting one’s work and traveling across the country in a camper van is not a uniquely American ideal..

Together, they quit their 9-to-5 jobs, purchased a 17-seater Ford Transit, and spent $25,000 converting it into a mobile home before driving throughout Europe and never looking back.

They began the project in late 2021, only a few weeks after purchasing the vehicle, and it took them nine months to complete while working full-time jobs and using weekends and evenings..,

Outside their Horsham, West Sussex, house, the couple did everything themselves. They independently constructed the walls, kitchen, seating area, storage, shower and toilet, full-size fixed bed, gas, water, and electrical systems.

Helen, age 29, stated, “The construction was significantly more difficult and time-consuming than anticipated.” “We performed every single task ourselves.

The only thing we had to do was have the gas and electricity professionally inspected to ensure that everything was safe to use.”

However, it is one of the most fulfilling things we’ve ever done, especially now that we can travel in it.

Helen and Tristan’s passion for traveling sparked the “Stan the Van” idea. They desired to tour Europe farther and believed that a van was the greatest and most hip method to do so.

As soon as the duo settled into a corporate routine, they discovered they want much more from life than disliking work and only being able to travel during their extremely restricted vacation time.

By June 2022, they had renovated their van, sold practically all of their belongings, and resigned their 9-to-5 occupations.

Helen, a Freelance Virtual Assistant, and Tristan, a Freelance Website Designer, constructed their van to be able to go off-grid for up to five days, allowing them unprecedented independence.

The pair stated, “It was an extremely freeing experience that made us realize how few material possessions we actually require.” A few precious items are in storage, but the rest of our belongings are in the van.

We have probably seen and experienced more in the past five months than we might have in two or three years of international travel.

As of August 2022, the pair have traveled throughout the United Kingdom and to Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Montenegro in their van, lovingly dubbed “Stan the Van.”

The couple currently maintains a travel blog titled “Coconuts and Camels” as well as other social media sites where they chronicle the highlights and lowlights of their trips.

They also discuss accommodations, clothing, and food & beverage alternatives. Their current aim is to traverse Europe for three years before transporting their van to Canada and the United States and taking a cross-continental road trip.

Watch the video.

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