Since the age of ten, best friends have met in a photo booth every five years to celebrate their anniversary. You won’t believe why.

Since they were ten years old, two best friends have taken a photo booth photograph together every five years. They have just shot their 50th anniversary photo.

Keith Laughton and Martin Dowle, both 60 years old, traveled to Skegness Station and jammed into the photo booth for the tenth time, beaming for the camera to honor 50 years of friendship.

Keith, a retired probation officer, and his friend Martin, a paramedic, captured the first photo in a Lincoln Woolworths.

Then, five years later, they randomly returned to the same shop and decided to reproduce the original.

Keith states, “It’s always good.” “The anticipation leading up to it and then recreating our ten-year-old memories in a photo booth”

It became a delightful custom for the couple, which they have maintained for the past fifty years.

“It’s strange to look back at two ten-year-olds with nice, innocent faces and then look at the others and consider all you go through in life together,” said Keith, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom….

“Our lives have been unremarkable; we haven’t done anything extraordinary or disastrous; we’ve simply maintained our friendship.”

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to squeeze into tiny seats, but we’ve been doing it for fifty years, so it’s all good.”

Keith went to introduce himself to Martin after his family moved to Keith’s village of Barney, Lincolnshire, at the age of eight..,

“We’ve been reminiscing and reflecting on everything that’s transpired between each five-year period; it’s a little frightening when you think about it, but despite all that’s been going on, we’ve always managed to take a picture every five years.”

It’s just a friendship that has weathered the test of time; we don’t live in one other’s pockets or have to speak every week…

Martin currently resides in London, while Keith remains in Bartney.,.

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