VIDEO: Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, a Woman Reunited With Her Lost Teddy Bear Have Her Late Mother’s Voice

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Losing a parent is one of life’s most terrible experiences. Regardless of age, losing a loved one may be a heartbreaking event.

Our recollections are all that remains of them, and joyful reminders of their love become our most prized possessions.

This is how Mara Soriano feels about the loss of a very important teddy bear during her recent apartment transfer.

The Build-A-Bear stuffed animal was inexpensive, but it contained an audio of her late mother assuring her she was loved and admired. The “Mama Bear” bear was in a backpack with electrical devices such as an iPad and a Nintendo Switch.

The 28-year-old was sad when the luggage was stolen during the transfer a week ago, not for the gadgets but for Mama Bear.

Therefore, she wrote online about the lost item in Vancouver, Canada, and the tale behind it, which captivated one viewer immensely.

Identified with cancer Marilyn, the mother of Mara, gave her daughter the bear as a gift in 1997. As her cancer worsened until her death in June of last year, the present became more meaningful.

In an interview with CTV News, she stated, “That bear was essentially the last thing that reminded me of my mother; growing up, I remembered her voice.”

Fortunately, the internet did what it does best, and Mara’s search quickly became viral. In the interim, Mara was out searching.

She posted flyers, rummaged through trash cans, and spoke with people online in order to pursue whatever leads she could.

The British Columbia-born actor Ryan Reynolds then made an appeal for its safe return. He wrote, “I believe we all need this bear to return home.” Along with the note, he promised the thief a substantial reward: $5,000 “no questions asked.”

Then, on Tuesday evening, Mara’s stuffed animal returned home. “I’m not going to lie, I kind of gave in. As soon as I saw him remove her from the bag…

I immediately began crying and snatched her out of his hands, unable to let her go, she told CTV.

It is a bit of a modern miracle that would not have occurred without social media’s marvels. Mara reported receiving an email from a good Samaritan informing her that they had the bear.

She arranged a secure meeting space with a member of the media, despite her skepticism. Fortunately, it was not a fraud; two unidentified individuals delivered the bear to her safely.

Next summer, Mara will get married, and the bear will have a special seat at the ceremony—the one her mother would have had. She is currently keeping “Mama Bear” close and giving gratitude to those who assisted with the reconnection.

After wiring the money to the person who returned the bear, he moved to Twitter to inform his followers of the good news, stating, “In happier news… thank you to everyone who diligently searched.

Thank you to whoever took the bear for keeping it safe. Vancouver is incredible.”

Vancouver surely is, but this narrative may demonstrate that humanity is as well.

Watch the video.

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