VIDEO:Store Angels are Awarded for Assisting an Elderly Woman in Need. You won’t believe when you see what they did.

Watch the full video below…

The Lowe’s hardware chain granted the Angel Award to California employees who assisted a customer who had fallen in the parking lot..

Deborah Hayes informed GNN that her elderly mother was shopping in the Modesto store at the time of the tragedy, and described the incident as a “great tale of individuals helping others.”

The 80-year-old lost her balance and fell to the ground, striking her head on the pavement.

She wrote in a thank-you note to Lowes, “There was blood everywhere.”

“I was immediately greeted by a bunch of absolutely beautiful people, namely your employees and another wonderful customer.”

The nameless Good Samaritan was then invited back to Lowe’s for a surprise Angel Award ceremony, where the staff honored her with a nice gift basket.

She had taken the senior’s house keys in exchange for transporting her shopping bags and caring for her dog.

Under an arch of white balloons, coworkers gathered to honor a coworker whose generosity had likewise exceeded expectations.,.

The organization presented Belia Villa with flowers, a plaque made of crystal, and a $500 check…

In addition, Deborah’s mother, who had fully recovered from her stitches and received a gift basket, was present. She thanked the two women who came to her rescue, especially Belia, as store employees applauded..,

“I felt her heart beating against me,” she recalled. She is indeed an angel.”

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