Coworkers Who Became Friends Find Out They’re Sisters.

Recently, a couple of employees were astonished to discover that their “twin” nicknames for one another were quite appropriate, as they are actually biological sisters.

Madison revealed on Facebook that Julia Tinetti, 31, and Cassandra Madison, 32, initially met in 2013 as staffers at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut..,

They shared many similarities, including identical Dominican Republic flag tattoos as a tribute to the country from which they had been adopted, and quickly formed a strong relationship…

Madison stated, “We become friends, begin wearing matching outfits, have a blast together, and tell everyone, ‘We’re sisters.'”

According to Good Morning America, a likeness between the two prompted them to review adoption certificates, however the documents did not match..,

When Madison moved to Virginia in 2015, the women remained certain they had some type of connection, and they told GMA they remained in contact.

After a 23andMe DNA test led Madison to her biological father, whom she travelled to the Dominican Republic to meet, their case was finally solved.

She discovered upon arriving that she had six biological siblings, including one sister who had also been placed for adoption as an infant, according to the publication.

Madison pushed Tinetti to take a DNA test, which ultimately confirmed the news: they were in fact sisters.

“In 2021, when I ask my father if he gave up another child, he responds affirmatively. I’m freaking out, omg another sibling!!!” Madison made a post on Facebook.

“Yesterday, I received the results of [Tinetti’s] 23andMe test, for which I jumped in my car at the last minute and drove to Connecticut,”

She wrote, “WE ARE SISTERS!” “Same mom, same dad ! Two girls who work together discover that they are sisters. I adore my sibling!”

According to GMA, the women believe that Tinetti’s adoption papers were confused with those of her childhood friend Molly Sapadin, which would explain why Tinetti and Madison’s paperwork did not initially match.

“I’m still assessing the gravity of the problem,” Tinetti told the publication. “This is the type of content seen on television. .,

Finding my biological family was simply not important to me. I grew up in a wonderful family, so I basically left things as they were.”

Madison, meanwhile, stated that reconnecting with her long-lost family was a relief.

“For me, it’s always been, ‘If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll find these individuals,'” she added. “I was going to die trying.”

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