Sumit wants Jenny’s daughter to “stay out of it” as she implores him to prioritize Jenny over his family.

Sumit Singh desires to keep his family issues inside his immediate family.

On Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day FiancĂ©: Happily Ever After?, Sumit hosted Jenny Slatten’s daughter Christina for the first time, but he wasn’t impressed with her opinions on his family.

During Christina’s visit, the fact that Sumit’s parents disowned him for marrying Jenny, 63, who is 30 years his senior, came up naturally.

Sumit, age 33, first disclosed that his family is unhappy with his marriage. “They are not as comfy as they were when we lived together before we were married,” he added.

Christina posed a challenging query: “Do you believe his mother will ever accept you?”

Jenny acknowledged that she did not anticipate that day. “No. Dammit, she is set in her ways “She answered.

She mimicked her estranged mother-in-law and stated: “This is the cultural norm. This country is India. And I see no other option. I cannot accept this. I will never tolerate this, and Jenny must return to the United States.”

Sumit and Jenny revealed another unexpected fact to Jenny’s daughter: they believe that Sumit’s family may one day accept him back, but not Jenny.

“My mom is out here by herself, so I want her to feel accepted. The only way she can do that is if you [Sumit] hold her up 100 percent, as opposed to letting it happen and saying, “Oh, that’s just the family.” That is their nature and their behavior,’ “Christina added.

She went on, “It is not proper. It is discourteous.”

Jenny acknowledged that it is challenging to have only Sumit in India. She had already began urging that they migrate to America, and in a subsequent interview, Christina consented to her plan.

“If you dislike my relationship and don’t want my wife to be a part of it, then I cannot be a part of your family. This is my wife, the woman I love, and if you can’t accept that, then you don’t accept me “She stated on behalf of Sumit.

For Sumit, though, the conversation revealed the cultural gaps between the two parties. Moreover, he believed that Christina should mind her own business.

“In India, we focus more on the parents,” he explained. “The family functions as a cohesive entity. Therefore, unless Christina is in my situation, she cannot comprehend what I am going through, and she must stay out of it.”

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