Gary Shirley Celebrates Daughter Leah’s 14th Birthday with Adorable Photographs

Leah, the daughter of Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley, turned 14 on Saturday.

Gary Shirley is observing the special day of his daughter.

Saturday, the Teen Mom star took to Instagram to wish his and Amber Portwood’s daughter Leah a happy 14th birthday.

Gary and his wife, Kristina Shirley, are the parents of Leah’s 6-year-old sister, Emilee. The pleased father shared images of Leah engaging in goofy poses with herself and Gary.

Gary quipped that Kristina did not appear in the humorous photographs because she did not want to be in them…,

“Happy birthday to my very great daughter Leah Shirley,” he said in the post, calling Leah a “highly intelligent young person.”

He said, “I couldn’t ask for a finer child.” “I love you Leah so very much.”

In an episode of Girl Mom: The Next Chapter that aired last month, the teen was seen sitting with her father as he explained that a judge had determined that Portwood’s 4-year-old son James Andrew may go to California with his father, Portwood’s ex-husband Andrew Glennon.

Gary warned Leah, “Andrew may take James to California.” “I believe that is what will transpire.”

Leah responded, “It’s extremely unjust.” “My mother and James have a wonderful relationship. Like something I didn’t have with her, but it’s unjust because of all the hard work she’s put in to be here now; was that for nothing?”

Gary said, validating Leah’s frustration with the situation, “It’s not all for nothing, but it can seem that way.”

In a Teen Mom: Family Reunion clip from earlier this year, Portwood stated that her rocky relationship with Leah prevented her from feeling like a “good mother.”

Amber noted at the time, “Sometimes I do not feel like a mother.” “I let my anger kind of take over my life. I simply was not a good mother. ..,

I wasn’t there when my daughter needed me because I was a drug addict and in jail for fighting.”

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, a life coach and psychology expert, asked Amber, “What actions have you taken to become a good mother?” Amber responded, “I’ve tried to be there for my daughter and my son as much as I can.”

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