Twenty-Year-Old Aspiring Educator Killed in Tragic Accident at Tennessee Wagon Event: “Such a Bright Star”

Last week, the Dalton Daily Citizen claimed that a Georgia woman noted for her “beautiful smile” and “sass” was critically injured during a wagon event in Tennessee.

During the event, Breanna Chadwick, 20, was injured by a gate after a horse rushed into it, according to the Murray County Fire Department.,

Following the mishap, the Reinhardt University student was taken to a hospital in Chattanooga, according to a social media post by her sister, Kirstin Chadwick.

She wrote, “Lord, Please Pray for My Sister Breanna Chadwick.” “She has been involved in an awful accident. We need as many prayers as possible for her.

They are airlifting her to Erlanger Hospital, and the doctors advised her family to expect the worst!”

According to her obituary, Chadwick passed away from her injuries on Friday.

The obituary stated, “She always had a gorgeous smile and was full of sass.”

“She could usually be found at Chick-fil-A ordering a lemonade or Bruster’s ordering a single scoop of birthday cake ice cream. She adored the color teal, her Jeep, Lily, and Peanut, but her family and friends were her greatest passion.”

The passage continues, “She grew up playing softball, basketball, and lacrosse and was attending Reinhardt University to become a third-grade teacher.”

“She adored children, and they adored her. She will continue to affect countless lives for many years.”

Wednesday, the Murray County Fire Department did not reply directly to PEOPLE’s query. The Murray County Saddle Club, where the tragedy occurred, did not respond immediately to a request for comment from people.

The club stated in a Facebook post that it conducted a candlelight vigil for Chadwick following the accident..,

The article stated, “After many tears and much consideration, we have spoken with a member of the Chadwick family.” “At their desire, the performances will continue and parade.

A candlelight vigil will be held in honor of Breanna Chadwick. In addition, ribbons will be available for everyone who wishes to wear one throughout the parade and the other shows of the week.”

It said, “Let us all drop our heads and remember this young lady and her family in the coming days.”

On behalf of her family, a GoFundMe page was established to seek cash for a scholarship in Chadwick’s name and to assist with memorial expenses…

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