Amber Heard’s Sister Whitney Applauds Open Letter Supporting Actress.

Since the decision, Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez’s “confidence in mankind has been questioned,” but the latest open letter expressing solidarity for the actress provided a “much-needed breath of fresh air.”

Whitney Henriquez, sister of Amber Heard, expresses gratitude for a new open letter signed by more than 140 experts and groups condemning the repercussions of Johnny Depp’s defamation judgement.

On Wednesday, an open letter was published, signed by figures such as Gloria Steinem, Constance Wu, and Amy Ziering, director of Allen v. Farrow, as well as organizations such as the National Women’s Law Center, Women’s March Foundation, and others “We condemn Amber Heard’s public shaming and stand in solidarity with her. ..

We encourage everyone’s ability to disclose intimate partner and sexual assault without fear of retaliation or intimidation.”

More than five months after the June 1 verdict, Whitney, 34, responded to the support on Instagram by stating that it offered her “a much-needed breath of fresh air.”

“It would be a great understatement to say that my faith in humanity has been questioned since the trial/verdict,” she wrote. .,.

“Not only did it expose some pretty f—-ing huge faults in the court system, but it also revealed how fundamentally misogynistic this culture is and how harassment of anyone who speaks out or has a different opinion is simply accepted (just look at some of the comments on my articles and this one ).”

Whitney and her husband Gavin Henriquez have two children: Hunter, who will turn 4 next month, and Harlin Willow, who is 8 months old. ..

She remained in her position “It is a world in which I fear to raise my children, and every day it appears to get more difficult to navigate and cope with. Until now…”

Heard’s sister, who testified during the trial that Depp assaulted her and was later issued a non-disclosure agreement, concluded, “Seeing over 130 experts and organizations sign this letter was a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Finally, the tide is turning… Finally! #istandwithamberheard.”

At the highly publicized Virginia trial earlier this year, a seven-person jury determined that Heard, 36, defamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp, 59, in her 2018 op-ed about domestic violence, despite without mentioning his name. ,.

He was granted damages in excess of $10 million. Additionally, Heard was awarded $2 million for one of her defamation counterclaims. Both are appealing their respective verdicts.

This week’s open letter included the following: “In our view, the judgement in Depp v. Heard and the ongoing dialogue surrounding it reveal a fundamental ignorance of intimate partner and sexual abuse, as well as how survivors react to it. ..

The harm caused by the propagation of this false information is immense. We are really concerned about the increasing use of defamation lawsuits to frighten and suppress survivors.”

The letter continued by denouncing the “public shaming of Amber Heard” and added, “We support everyone’s ability to report intimate partner and sexual assault without fear of harassment or intimidation.”

A close source to Depp told: “This six-week trial had considerable evidence, witnesses, and crucial specialists, all of which were carefully evaluated by the jury in reaching its verdict, which was overwhelmingly in favor of Johnny. ..

This arduous effort to challenge the verdict months later is an affront to both the jurors and the legal system.”

Depp stated in a statement following the verdict that the jury “given me my life back.”

He said during that time, “I hope that my efforts to have the truth revealed have aided men and women who have found themselves in a similar predicament to mine, and that their supporters will never give up.

I also hope that the position of innocence until proven guilty will be reinstated in the courts and the media.”

In her post-verdict statement, Heard said she was “disappointed with what this verdict signifies for other women” and referred to it as a “setback.”

In August, Whitney criticized the MTV Video Music Awards after Johnny Depp made a guest appearance on the program. Recently, he appeared in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 fashion show, which is currently available on Prime Video. .,

“@MTV you are revolting and obviously desperate! I sincerely hope none of the individuals who placed this call have daughters “written Whitney The VMAs did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment from a spokeswoman.,,

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