While rescue dogs wait to find homes for the holidays, they were given an early․․․․

Dozens of cute dogs at the Best Friends Animal Society’s sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, got to celebrate Thanksgiving early.

On Friday, Chef Shon Foster of Sego Restaurant, which is close to the sanctuary, cooked a delicious meal for about 400 of the animals who live there.

With the help of an anonymous donor, Chef Foster worked for more than 26 hours with about 700 pounds of ingredients to make a holiday feast that met each dog’s dietary needs and didn’t have any salt, sugar, or certain holiday spices that are known to upset dogs’ stomachs.

After Chef Foster made the huge meal, it was brought to the sanctuary in a big batch and divided up into portions for the rescue dogs.

Best Friends Animal Society says this is the second time Chef Foster has helped make hundreds of Thanksgiving meals for the shelter’s dogs that are looking for new homes.

“Once they see the food and start eating, you can see how happy they are all over,” he said. “For a day, I get to be a hero. It makes you feel something.”

This Thanksgiving, pet owners can give their dogs the same experience by remembering which foods are dangerous for dogs to eat and sticking to ingredients that are known to be safe for pets.

Pets can eat a small amount of turkey without seasoning, but you shouldn’t give them table scraps because the salt, fat, and bones can make them sick.

Also, it’s important to remember that side dishes like stuffing and pumpkin pie, as well as chocolate and the artificial sweetener Xylitol, are dangerous for dogs.

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