Gorgeous mum and daughter mistaken for sisters despite 19-year age gap… See what they do…

People were shocked when a mom who likes to have fun said she has a 19-year-old daughter, who some fans thought was her sister.

Amy-Jo Simpson has more than a million followers on TikTok because she posts funny videos about her life and family.

But people were shocked to learn that she has an adult daughter, even though she showed her kids in her videos.

Amy-Jo and her daughter Megan show that women can be beautiful at any age. But fans couldn’t believe how old they were because they thought they were sisters.

In a video she sent to @amyjosimpson, the proud mom confirmed that it was true. This was right after she posted a video of the two of them showing off.

Amy-Jo and Megan practice for the catwalk in the clip, which makes viewers happy.

“AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL,” one person wrote. “You both look beautiful,” someone else said. Others, though, were confused and tried to figure out what the two had in common.

“Are they sisters?” asked a viewer. Another person agreed, saying, “You look like sisters.”

But in her next video, Amy-Jo explained that the two are actually mother and daughter.

In the post, she responded to a comment from a different person who said: “Wait, you’ve got a 19-year-old? I don’t believe it.”

But her answer didn’t help convince anyone, and a clip of the two of them lounging by the pool didn’t change anyone’s mind either.

“That’s your sister!” one person said in shock.

Several people also said they thought the two were brothers and sisters.

Someone wrote, “I thought you were sisters.”

Someone else agreed: “Girl, you get better with age. You and your daughter look like sisters!”

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