Britney Spears supporters urge her to travel and shoot her own photos after she posted watermarked images.

Britney Spears has experienced reaction from followers who pushed her to get out and travel after she shared other people’s vacation photos on social media.

Britney, 40, took to Instagram on Tuesday and published a series of watermarked photos taken inside opulent cathedrals, as well as re-sharing Kate Hudson’s holiday photos.

The actress, 43, clasped hands with her four-year-old daughter Rani Rose as they admired the gorgeous building in the first shot, which she uploaded in July.

Britney captioned the photo as follows: “Okay, I believe I’ve improved my Instagram by sharing the coolest picture I’ve ever seen.

“They’re not displaying their faces… Mama and baby are staring at something so small that you can’t tell what it is.

“This image is stunning… holy… and strange. I suppose I can finally earn awesome points!!! Seriously, how lovely is this?”

Fans were quick to voice their concerns, with some suggesting that Britney use her fortune to go take her own photos.

“You could go there and publish your own images,” one individual offered. Another person agreed: “Why are you simply looking at pictures….

You’re a millionaire, and you’re free! Visit these magnificent structures for yourself and make your own memories!”

A third fan added: “These were taken during Kate Hudson’s vacation. It’s a little odd, lol.”

“Thank you for taking a break from the embarrassing nudes to share Kate Hudson’s vacation with us. What about your own experience? Do you ever leave the house?” another inquired

Britney’s post, on the other hand, received praise from Kate herself, who reacted with a red heart emoji.

Some followers agreed with Britney, with one saying, “You always get the cool points!”

“You’ve always been a cool gal, girlfriend! I adore you, “said yet another

Britney recently alarmed her fans by posting naked photographs of herself in a bath, covering herself with a little flower emoji.

She captioned the photographs on her Instagram account: “I enjoy sucking!!! Never take professional photos… Suckering comes naturally to me!!! Continue clapping, b**** “.

One supporter wrote: “Could you kindly take her phone away from her? “It’s very awful to see her like this,” one person commented, while another added, “There’s no way a coherent Britney Spears posted this.””

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