The mother of missing ‘X Factor’ contestant Levi Davis says it has been “the scariest time” of her life. See why…

Levi Davis’ mother says she is going through “the scariest period” since her son, an X Factor graduate and rugby player, has been gone for more than a month.

Davis, a former Bath rugby player, was last seen leaving the Old Irish Pub on La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain, on October 29, according to The Mirror. He’d left Ibiza a few hours before.

According to police in Spain, the most recent event was the discovery of his passport at a port in Barcelona around two weeks ago.

Previously, there had been possible sightings of Davis but no confirmation that it was him.

Authorities told the site that they couldn’t give any additional information because the probe is still underway.

According to BBC correspondent Rachel Stonehouse, the port is less than a ten-minute walk from the bar where Davis was last seen.

Davis’ mother, Julie, told the BBC that she last spoke from her son on the day he went missing. He’d taken a video from a boat in Ibiza and compared it to his perspective while standing on the deck.

“It’s wonderful here,” he stated in the video, which was the last time she communicated with him.

“There has been no further information since the last thing we heard regarding the passport,” Julie told the site, adding that it has been “the scariest period” and “an emotional whirlwind.”

Davis, a native of the United Kingdom, was in Spain following a knee injury that halted his rugby career.

Davis had been battling with mental health concerns during his recovery, according to Julie, and needed to be away from “the culmination of all the struggles and the injury.”

Davis’ buddy, Tom Varndell, who used to play rugby for England, said Davis recently wanted to “handle with things a bit more on his own” rather than “getting out there and trying to seek help – or ask others for support.”

He expressed his disappointment when Davis’ passport was discovered.

Julie told her son via BBC, “We’re all missing you, all the family cares about you very much.” We just want you to come home, son. Please return home so that we can work out whatever is going on.”

Julie has previously visited Spain and has been assisting police in Barcelona in their search for Davis.

According to The Mirror, she previously told Spanish media that when they chatted, he didn’t reveal much about his whereabouts.

“When I asked him where he would stay, he refused to give me an address, saying he would be travelling around and he was an adult,” she explained.

Davis’ sister, Candace Balfour, 23, shared with The Telegraph the final voice note he sent to their family before going missing.

“I value you, sis.” I truly believe it. “I really like you guys,” he said. “I love you, and yes, this is difficult, but you know who I am.

” I’m a fighter, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Thank you for contacting me. I genuinely appreciate it when you guys contact me.

“I’m truly sorry; I’ve always been terrible, but it’s been especially difficult to stay in touch during the last several months.” Big love, and I’ll see you guys soon, 100%.”

Balfour said her brother sent the message after she confronted him about a worrisome Instagram post he posted on Oct. 26.

“Hey Bro, I noticed your video yesterday and wanted to convey the love from the family with you at this time!” she commented in response to the now-deleted post.

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