Woman who spent £200 at Winter Wonderland says it was ….

A mother spent £200 at a Christmas market in one evening and feels it was “totally” worth it.

Chan documented her visit to London’s Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland on TikTok.

The festive fanatic claimed to have spent £200 on the evening and provided a breakdown of the expenses.

The mother paid £7 for a hot chocolate, which was well welcomed, and £8 for a single hot dog, which Chan felt she’d “had better.”

The frozen ice bar costs £16 per ticket, although Chan only stayed for ten minutes, apparently because it was too chilly.

When it came to the Wonderland rides, the mother paid £10 for a ride on the big wheel plus another £10 to avoid the line.

A whirl around the ice skating rink cost her £15.50.

Many attendees to Hyde Park’s seasonal celebration, now in its 15th year and enjoying a solid post-lockdown recovery, have expressed dismay at how pricey it is this year.

The hefty expense of snacks, beverages, and rides at the central London attraction has been especially galling in light of the cost of living. crisis.

“These winter wonderlands are a scam and ridiculously overpriced,” one user remarked.

“It’s a mood,” another individual said, “but I guess I’ll miss out this year since it’s going to be too expensive.”

Others agreed with Chan that the attraction was pricey but worthwhile.

“It’s pricey, but it’s just once a year, so you have to make the most of it,” one commenter said.

“I spent approximately 150ish in a couple hours,” said another. My spouse most likely spent the same amount, but it was well worth it. “I had a fantastic experience.”

The Christmas markets in Manchester’s city center have also come under fire this week for their high prices.

Many people have complained online about the prices of goods, the variety of booths, and the lack of anything particularly Christmassy to buy, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Pricing at some Manchester Christmas Market stalls, according to one reviewer, has “spoiled the whole Christmas atmosphere.”

Another complained that it had “nothing to do with Christmas.”

According to Tripadvisor Karen A slammed the market, implying that it was simply about generating money.

“Absolute rip-off,” she exclaimed. “There’s nothing to do with Christmas; it’s simply pubs and food stalls at exorbitant costs.”

It’s probably suitable for a night out, but you’ll need a lot of money to do so. “I’m very disappointed.”

The nasty feedback has started pouring in, with one individual noting that going to Germany for the genuine thing would be cheaper.

Another customer said they were “ripped off” when their two cups of cocoa came to £16, only to return later that day to discover them at £9 each.

“Of course, we’re very sensitive of the cost-of-living situation and how it’s hurting everyone right now,” said Councillor Pat Karney, Manchester City Council’s main spokesperson for Christmas.

“We understand that not everyone has the money to spend on a hot chocolate or gluhwein, which is why our Christmas offer this year isn’t just about the markets.”

“With our iconic giant Santa in St Peter’s Square and a great Christmas lights trail that includes walk-through baubles and stars, Christmas trees, and a sparkly Manchester bee – all of which are free to discover and enjoy, the city centre is at its sparkling best at the moment.”

“We’ve also got a terrific programme of free entertainment for families every weekend until Christmas, with a series of magical Festive Sundays financed in cooperation with city centre business partners, and, in a festive first for the city, the first ever Manchester Christmas Parade on Sunday 11 December.”

Winter Wonderland has been reached out to for comment.

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