Mum claims her children are ill as a result of a mouldy home… See what is happening

A frantic mother described how her children are constantly ill as a result of being forced to live in a chilly mold-infested house.

Tracey Sayle, 49, has been living in a property with horrible mould and humidity that she claims is worse than a squat.

As a result of the recurring nightmare, she and her three daughters, ages 20, 13, and 11, have been plagued with a slew of coughs, colds, and infections.

Her 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom has now been declared ‘unlivable,’ and she has had to sleep on a sofa in the lounge for the previous two months.

Housing association inspectors also ordered Tracey to keep a bedroom window open at all times to fight the problem that was forcing them to live in frigid temperatures.

She has lodged numerous complaints with Midland Heart Housing Association over the previous three years, but the issue at their three-bedroom house in Stoke-on-Trent remains.

Tracey, who cares for her youngest daughter, claims the mold has harmed her family’s physical and mental health, as well as damaging furniture and clothing.

“The mould is horrible and has cost this house hundreds of pounds,” she claimed.

“When Midland Hart inspectors arrived, they condemned one of the bedrooms, saying they had never seen a worse-looking bedroom.

“We’re always sick with coughs and colds.

The youngsters are continually asking, “Please get us out.”

“All of the doors in this property are decaying, and the insides of the kitchen cabinets have mildew and have begun to fall off.

“We’ve also lost furniture and clothing as a result of it. How many wardrobes, chests of drawers, and garments must we throw away until the problem is resolved?

“Because of the mold, we’ve had to get rid of a lot of garments and shoes.

“The house is always extremely chilly since we were ordered to keep the windows open, and it’s terrible.

“I have severe asthma and have had to have my inhalers changed numerous times in the last few years, and I’ve been given stronger inhalers as a result of the moisture.”

As a result, one of my daughters has struggled with mental health concerns. It has gotten so terrible that she is struggling to get out of bed and to school.

“It has also caused numerous disputes in the house because many of my daughter’s belongings have been ruined.

“They simply want lovely things, and the mold is destroying them. They are ashamed to bring their pals back to our house.

“I’ve invested a lot of money in this house for nothing, and I feel like I’m living in a squat. Actually, I’ve seen better squats.

“We’ve tried and failed to decorate. I’m at a loss for words and don’t know where to turn. My hands are tied, and I’m doing my best.”

Tracey moved into the rented £440-per-month house in the city’s Tunstall district five years ago in August 2017.

She began to notice pools of moisture running down the walls of her house after a year and a half.

Black spores began to form on her property’s walls and windowsills.

The mold originally emerged in her eldest daughter’s bedroom and has since spread to all of the property’s upper rooms over the last three and a half years.

Tracey claims she first reported the problem to Midland Heart Housing Association in 2019, and the apartment was visited to ‘wipe off the mould.’

The mold then reappeared, and Tracey claims she has filed numerous complaints with her social landlord since then.

Since her initial complaint, the mould has been removed from two of the bedrooms, but her daughter’s room is still infected with black spores.

Mould can also be found on the property’s back door and on numerous of the house’s windowsills.

Midland Heart dispatched a damp and mould surveyor to the residence last week, and in his assessment, he condemned the 13-year-mouldy old’s bedroom.

Following the inspection, Tracey was told to keep her daughter’s bedroom windows open at all times, close the door, and place a towel at the bottom of the door.

The gran-of-one further stated: “I want a wonderful house, but my heart is no longer in this property. I’m finished. I’m ready to go and leave.

“I’ve even requested a smaller property so that we can get out of this one.”

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