Mum’s ‘savage’ Tooth Fairy note shocks parents until they see the ‘brilliant’ scheme.. See what’s it…

Parents must sometimes be inventive in order to get their children to wash their teeth.

In what can be a stressful situation at the best of times, one resourceful mother devised a charming solution with a note from the tooth fairy to her seven-year-old son.

“Only healthy teeth get money,” the smart letter simply stated.

Her creative method was inspired by the sheer frustration shared by parents all across the world.

What will motivate youngsters to clean their teeth on a regular basis if begging, pleading, or bribing do not work?

With all other possibilities exhausted, perhaps a personal note from the Tooth Fairy will suffice.

When her teen’s tooth fell out, her naughty mother pretended to pull it out.

Big brother’s molar had been declined by the Tooth Fairy since he had not been brushing his teeth. The tooth fairy appears to be upset about this and felt obligated to express her dissatisfaction to the seven-year-old.

But she wasn’t done; she had more to say about the difficult subject of brushing one’s teeth. She had some suggestions.

“Please brush more thoroughly in the future,” she said, before signing off with “Love, Angelica.”

The youngster’s mother shared the letter on Facebook in the hopes of inspiring other parents going through similar bedtime conflicts.

Some thought the note was “difficult,” until they saw the mother’s “brilliant” idea.

“I’m not preaching since I’m extremely comfortable with my kids eating because they’re a healthy weight,” one person remarked, “but I just believe this is a bit harsh when all kids love the tooth fairy experience.”

“I know it’s terrible times, but this is cruelty,” commented another.

The mother stated her reasoning for leaving the note. “My teenager’s tooth fell out last night, so the tooth fairy sent this note knowing my seven-year-old will be more eager to brush his teeth in the future!” she explained.

Although her adolescent son is light years away from believing in tooth fairies, he was willing to go along with his mother’s ruse in order to persuade his younger brother to wash his teeth.

It worked, and her ideas were praised by other parents who were also burdened by the constraints and exasperation of tooth brushing time.

One mother pledged, “Something along those lines for my four-year-old. She washes her front teeth for approximately 10 seconds and refuses to let me do it for her. It’s quite aggravating.”

Many parents appreciated the lighter aspect of it, with one mother exclaiming, “Brilliant.”

Another offered to “show my small children.”

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