To avoid overspending and superfluous gifts at Christmas, parents swear by the “four present rule.”

Christmas is typically associated with excess, overindulgence, and the opportunity to lavishly shower loved ones with gifts.

Christmas stockings bulge at the seams, loaded with gifts that are frequently unwanted, discarded, or even destined for landfill.

As the cost of living continues to rise for millions of families across the country, many parents may be concerned about how they can afford Christmas gifts for their children this year.

While the pressure of Christmas shopping can frequently lead to people going on unending buying sprees, this year will be a significant challenge for parents and dads battling to keep up with growing inflation and energy bills.

But don’t be discouraged because, even when things are tight, Christmas doesn’t have to be Scrooge-like. If you follow the ‘four gift rule,’ it will be a Christmas of quality rather than quantity.

More and more parents are embracing this new approach to holiday giving that emphasizes the act rather than the expense.

This straightforward solution to the usual Christmas shopping frenzy is sure to provide some respite for those currently battling to make ends meet.

There are additional advantages, of course, such as no more lonely hours slogging from store to store, panic buying something your recipient will not genuinely appreciate.

So, how exactly does it work? There will be no more snatching products at the checkout to stuff into Christmas stockings – items that, let’s face it, won’t last the holiday season.

So, instead of purchasing dozens of toys and other products that will clutter your home, you simply purchase four items that will be much more significant gifts.

It will need a considerably more focused shopping trip, but that is a huge benefit because it eliminates the last-minute stress of holiday gifts.

According to the presenting approach, the first present should be something they want, and the second should be something they need – so far, so good.

Meanwhile, the third category is’something to wear,’ while the fourth category is’something to read.’

Because this gifting hack will need a much more simplified approach to holiday buying, you’ll need to do a little extra planning ahead of time to truly evaluate what your lucky recipient likes and needs.

But, hopefully, it will save you money and make you feel less rushed or anxious.

One mother posted the rule on the Facebook page Quirky Momma, and her message instantly went viral.

“I’m going with… something they can wear, something they can read, and something they can do. They are interested in the Santa gift “remarked a fellow parent

Another person stated: “Yes, we’ve been doing it for the past three years, and I adore it. We also include one Santa present “.

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