‘Thank you for saving my life,’ says husband to wife who saved his life ten years ago.

Kevin’s wife, Blake Walsh, is also the lady who saved his life.

Kevin and Blake initially met when they were 13 years old at summer camp. Even when they were younger, Kevin thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Despite keeping in touch via instant chat and phone conversations over the years, they eventually lost touch. After all, Kevin was from Indianapolis and Blake was from Michigan.

But, one year later, when they were 17 years old, supernatural intervention caused Blake to phone Kevin out of the blue.

Kevin claims he was “seconds away” from committing himself as a result of a series of events.

He’d already written his suicide note and was on his way to commit suicide when his phone vibrated in his pocket. Blake was the one.

During their conversation, Kevin revealed that he had planned to commit suicide. Blake, shocked and horrified, talked him down and made him promise to phone her the next day.

They became even closer friends before falling in love and beginning to date. Kevin proposed to her in 2015, ten years after that fateful phone call.

Kevin reportedly told Blake during his proposal, “I love you.” Thank you for also saving my life.”

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