A little boy of five years old has sent a mascot named Baby Yoda to keep the firefighters in California company…

Baby Yoda, also known as “the Child,” is a character that appears in “The Mandalorian.” He is known for going areas where mature men would rather not go and for facing danger head-on with a wisdom that is beyond his years.

It’s possible that the enormous bravery displayed by the childlike Disney hero was what motivated one young kid with a great heart to ask the one-foot-tall green toddler from a galaxy far, far away to go on a mission that was both dangerous and essential.

When Carver and his grandmother, Sasha Tinning, were gathering supplies to send to first responders battling the most recent outbreak of wildfires in California, the 5-year-old noticed a lone plush toy of Baby Yoda sitting on a shelf. He asked his grandmother if they could send it to the firefighters.

Whether or not the 5-year-old actually realized the draining emotional toll that the fire crews were experiencing as a result of their hard efforts to put out the deadly fires, the course of action was immediately obvious.

Carver is also intelligent above his years, just like Baby Yoda, which is why this is the case. “I have always had the desire to provide a hand and lift the spirits of those who are close to me.

“And this really was a bright spot in a terrible period I wanted to share with everyone,” he said to KSAT. “And this was a bright spot in a dark time.”

In addition to the assistance of his grandmother and a note written by hand that read:

“I am grateful to the firefighters. If you ever feel lonely, you can always count on this friend to be there for you. 3 Love, Carver”

Baby Yoda was dispatched by Carver to provide solace and aid to those serving on the front lines.

Since then, the alien mascot has made its way to the locations of numerous wildfires on the West Coast, where it has been a source of comfort to the courageous individuals who are fighting the fires there. It wears a headband decorated with stars and stripes.

Some of the highlights of his exploits have even been captured on his very own Facebook page, which is titled “Baby Yoda fights flames.”

Fans of Star Wars may be best familiar with Yoda’s famous mantra, which states that “a Jedi’s strength flows from the force.” However, the insightful Jedi Master also believed that “really lovely, the mind of a youngster is.”

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