Watch this Adorable Moment when a Young Girl Dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars Gets to Greet Her Favorite Star Wars Character, BB-8 the Droid in Person…

Watch the video below…

The dogged ambition of a young girl to attend a theme park dressed as BB-8 garnered her the friendship of some well-known people.

And when she finally got the chance to meet her robot idol in real life, it was so adorable that the employees working at Disney found it difficult to contain themselves.

The young lady, who goes by the name Belle and is four years old, insisted on dressing up during her trip to Hollywood Studios in Florida the previous year.

Due to the fact that her outfit was so adorable, she drew the attention of two stormtroopers, who insisted on escorting her and her mother to a meet-and-greet with the Star Wars celebrity antagonist Kylo Ren. Her mother was also invited to the event.

According to Brittany Beard, Belle’s mother, her daughter expressed some apprehension about meeting the villain of the film and expressed a want to reassure him that she was not the actual BB-8.

“I am simply a small girl in a dress!” she exclaimed. — I quote her. “I am simply a small girl!'”.

The priceless moment in which Belle finally got to meet her true hero, the robot BB-8, was captured on camera by Belle’s mother.

Since she posted it on Facebook, it has received more than 500,000 views. Since then, the scene has gone viral.

Watch the video…

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