You Won’t Believe When You See How Teachers Make Social Distancing Fun…

Do you remember the first day of school you went to? Meeting a teacher for the first time was so exciting for most of us. It was a lot of fun to make new friends and sit at a real desk.

This year, things are a little different for kids. It will still be exciting to be in a new place and wear a different uniform.

But as a six-year-old, sitting at a desk surrounded by strange plastic screens might also be a little scary.

These two Florida teachers have found a way to make those plastic dividers, which were put on desks to protect kids during the age of COVID-19, less scary and more totally, joyfully brilliant.

Patricia Dovi and Kim Martin, both first-grade teachers at St. Barnabas Episcopal School in DeLand, Florida, have used coronavirus dividers to make the windshields and windows of, yes, Jeeps.

Dovi told Insider, “Anything we can do to add some fun and creativity to get them excited will be really important for the length of this school year.”

The school gave Dovi and Martin the plexiglass, but they had to pay for the decorations on their own. Martin thinks it took about a week to make the desks. Didn’t all that hard work pay off?

Family and friends of these two inspiring teachers helped turn their desks into colorful Jeeps with personalized license plates.

Each student just got there yesterday and found their own “car” waiting.

Martin joked, “It will be more fun to say, ‘Hey, purple Jeep, you’re leaving your lane,'” “I think it’s a good idea to keep the kids interested.” We are certain of that.

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