Students pooled money to buy him new shoes after someone stole them. This made the teacher cry… But see what happened next…

Watch the video below…

Middle schoolers in Bellevue, Nebraska, worked together to surprise their teacher with a new pair of shoes. This act of kindness is being praised all over social media.

This month, Trey Payne, a teacher at Logan Fontenelle Middle School, found out that his favorite pair of shoes had been stolen from his classroom.

The shoes were also pretty expensive, which made Payne’s students even more upset about the theft.

The students then put their money together to buy a new pair of shoes for their teacher as a surprise. Payne was so happy that he could hardly hold back his tears.

Payne can be seen opening the shoebox and then crying in a video that has since been shared thousands of times on social media.

Payne said, “It’s more than a pair of shoes; it’s about doing things to help the people around you.”

“I try to show this to my kids, and I think that many of them have learned from it.

This makes me feel good about myself and my goals.”

Watch the video…

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