See How Grandma Reacts When Her Family Surprises Her With New Puppy

This tale serves to remind us that the presence of a cute and cuddly new puppy in the home is something that almost every living human being, regardless of age, secretly desires.

Since her previous dog went away suddenly a year ago, this kind elderly lady has been pleading with her family to get her a new puppy.

According to her granddaughter Ali, her desire came true at the beginning of this month when Ali and her mother gave her an unlabeled cardboard box as a gift.

The elderly woman’s eyes welled up with tears as she opened the package and beheld the cute puppy nestled within it.

The pleasant surprise was enjoyed by a number of people, not just Ali’s grandmother.

The video of her grandma’s response has garnered tens of thousands of “hearts” and “likes” across various social media platforms.

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