You Won’t Believe When You See Why People Installed Portable Hand-Washing Sinks for the Homeless in Cities Across the US

In light of the recent outbreaks of a new coronavirus in the United States, portable sinks are being set up all around the country to provide a place for homeless people to wash their hands.

Love Beyond Walls is a charitable organization established in Georgia that is committed to assisting the homeless.

Over the course of the past two months, the organization has been installing dozens of hand-washing stations in areas that are frequently frequented by rough sleepers.

Terence Lester, the founder of the organization who had previously experienced homelessness as a young adult, shared with Katie Couric on her new show on YouTube, The Bright Side, that he started the “Love Sinks In” campaign with the intention of providing assistance to people who were living in poverty during the pandemic.

Katie Couric is the host of the show.

Lester reported hearing people say things such as, “I’m afraid I’ll get the coronavirus since I have nowhere to wash my hands.”

Because of the generosity of Grammy-winning hip hop singer Lecrae, who is also a personal friend of Lester’s, the organization has been blessed with the opportunity to expand their operations.

Since Lecrae joined forces with the group back in March, several dozen sinks have been put throughout the city of Atlanta, and each one of them is sterilized three times each and every day.

Cities such as Birmingham, Austin, Columbus, San Bernardino, New Orleans, Baltimore, and New York City are among the locations where Love Beyond Walls has collaborated with other organizations that serve the homeless to construct sinks.

During the course of their conversation, Couric took Lester by surprise by making a donation of $10,000 that will pay for the installation of fifty additional portable sinks.

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