Mom Discovers Her Son’s Elf Mysteriously Lost a Leg so Concocts Elaborate Ruse to Keep Magic Alive… But see how son reacts….

A mother found out that her son’s elf had inexplicably lost a limb while he was at school; as a result, she spent a lot of time coming up with an intricate backstory to keep the magic alive.

On December 1st, Lauren Weir gave her son Tommy, who was 4 years old at the time, the elf toy for the first time. That same evening, she was horrified to see that his right leg had been ripped off and was now missing.

“I was in a state of total panic. Even though it was only day one, he was already so head over heels in love that it had me wondering “oh my gosh, what am I going to do?”

Because I was short on time, I was unable to go and obtain another one.

“I knew he’d be sad if I didn’t fix it, but I also knew that if it lost a leg, he’d just accept it; nevertheless, it needed to have a tale about why it was no longer there.

The woman, who was 30 years old at the time, hurriedly attempted to save the cherished elf that belonged to her kid by stitching the hole closed so that the white stuffing contained within wasn’t visible.

Then, in order to conceal the fact that she was missing a limb, she devised a creative cover tale.

She said that dinosaurs had attacked using the schoolboy’s toys and claimed that the “naughty” monsters were responsible for the elf being an amputee because they had eaten his leg.

When he walked downstairs the following day, he was so excited that he said, “where’s his leg?” My first thought was, “The dinosaurs must have devoured it!”

At some point, he decided to defend himself by using his Iron Man action figure to battle the “bad dinosaurs” and teach them a lesson.

The young child in Hertfordshire, England, is delighted to learn that his elf has been spared by a dinosaur, and the hoax has resulted in a number of pleasantly surprising occurrences.

The resourceful mother ‘placed a call in to Santa’ and the following day an elf-sized wheelchair was ‘sent’ when her son Tommy expressed concern about how his elf would get around now that he was without a leg.

“He was concerned about how the elf was going to move around with only one leg, so I called Santa in front of him and requested that he send some crutches or a wheelchair to the elf,” I told Santa on the phone.

“He was concerned about how the elf was going to get around.”

After spending a significant amount of time mending the toy’s leg and constructing a Lego wheelchair for him, Lauren uploaded a video to the internet detailing the toy’s experience with the comment, “This elf is going to take over my life.”

The following day, when the boy came down, the elf was seated on his wheelchair throne, which had wheels on the bottom so it could be pushed around the home.

Tommy squealed with delight and exclaimed, “Santa is pretty talented at building Lego wheelchairs.”

“It took me a very long time to create the wheelchair because I had to be very quiet while sorting through the Lego pieces because Lego is so loud.

I was attempting to make it out of Christmas colors, red and green.”

Since then, the mystical persona has continued to provide even more happiness to the family home.

In their home, creative elf scenes have included a “advent calendar truck” delivery full of chocolate coins and sweets as well as a fishing scene on the top of their aquarium tank with a fishing rod made out of a shoelace.

Other scenes have included a “advent calendar truck” delivery full of chocolate coins and sweets.

Even though he only has one leg, he adores this elf so much that we are going to keep him.

“I’m praying that the leg won’t turn up because if it does, then I’m going to have to really rack my brain to come up with some way to cover that up,” the speaker said.

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