Man Who Was Homeless is Overwhelmed With Emotion When…

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A guy in Idaho Falls who does not have the financial means to get his teeth fixed was given the gift of a new smile by a Secret Santa who has been working miracles for individuals all across the city.

This gift has the potential to completely transform the man’s life.

Every day leading up to Christmas, a mysterious local guy has been giving away over $500,000 worth of gifts to individuals who may be in need of a little of a boost this year.

With a little help from the elves at East Idaho News, the man has been able to pull this off.

The week before last, we told you about Diana Boldman, a grandmother who worked at McDonald’s and was given an unbelievable holiday surprise in the form of a brand-new car when she really needed one.

This week, we will spend some time learning about Alyn and her background. Two years ago, he started working as a temp for a company in Idaho Falls.

He was having trouble making ends meet, and in order to get by, he resorted to sleeping in his truck in order to save money. However, he never told anyone about this arrangement.

Alyn was, by far and away, the most valuable temp worker the company had ever had, despite the challenges he was currently up against.

Alyn went through with the painful procedure of having his teeth extracted before he was offered a permanent full-time position.

Because he was unable to pay to have them professionally cleaned or fixed whenever there was a problem, he developed a severe tooth infection as a result.

When Secret Santa learned that Alyn currently need new dentures, it was only natural for him to have the perfect idea for a present to offer her in this situation.

Watch the video…

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