Elderly Couple Living in UK’s Darkest Village Lights Up the Sky With Huge Christmas Tree They Planted in 1978…

This gigantic pine is gaining a reputation as “The Little Tree That Could,” and with good reason.

It was planted by an elderly couple many years ago, when it was shorter than them, but it has now grown to be more than 50 feet tall and provides a spectacular light to a town that has no illumination on any horizon.

Shortly after moving into their new house, Avril and Christopher Rowlands went to a garden shop and purchased a fir for the price of £6. They used this tree as their very first Christmas tree.

They took a picture to remember the event after planting the tree in the front garden, which was approximately 6 feet tall.

The tree established its presence and flourished.

Today, 43 years later, it looms large over the settlement of Inkberrow, which is located in Worcs.

The village is one of the only villages in the United Kingdom that does not have any street lights, making it one of the darkest locations in the country. The village’s bar, which dates back to the 17th century, served as the basis for The Bull on Radio 4’s The Archers.

The ceremony to turn on the lights for the enormous tree, which can be seen for miles around, took place a week ago, and over 2,000 of the town’s residents came out to watch it.

Avril noted that turning on the lights at night had developed into something of a custom in the community. “A good number of residents of the village agree that it marks the beginning of the Christmas season for them.”

Due to constraints imposed by Covid the previous year, the Rowlands were forced to turn the lights on by themselves, making this year’s event particularly unique.

This year, in addition to having fireworks, we also had a friend who came down a trailer with Christmas music playing inside of it.

A cherry picker is required to assist the couple in decorating the tree with 3,000 lights in preparation for the big reveal because the tree has grown to such a large size.

The retired TV writer, who is 75 years old and lives in Florida, commented that it was lovely to see so many people enjoying the lights this year.

And because the tree is garnering more and more attention, they decided to urge people to make online donations to a cancer research organization in honour of a close friend who passed away this year. The buddy passed away from cancer.

The couple admits that they are still taken aback by the enormity of the tree, which adds more than a foot to its height every year: “We had no clue just how huge it would grow.” It has grown to be an enormous size and now dwarfs our home.

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