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If you’ve ever had trouble seeing vehicles approaching in the blind spots of your car, this young genius has come up with the most ingenious solution, and she hasn’t even gotten her driver’s license yet.

If you’ve ever had trouble seeing vehicles approaching in the blind spots of your car, check out her solution.

14-year-old Installing a webcam within the cabin of the vehicle in such a way that it records a live feed of the things located on the opposite side of the vehicle is the method that Alaina Gassler came up with for her solution to the problem of blind spots.

She proceeded to construct a small light projector within the vehicle so that the feed from the camera could be projected onto the portion of your vehicle that was obstructing the view.

When the technology is activated, the projector will make the components of the car’s construction that obstruct the driver’s view of their immediate surroundings appear to be invisible. This will allow the driver to more accurately perceive their position in the world.

After observing how difficult it was for Alaina’s mother to see beyond the car’s blind spots while driving her own vehicle, the concept for the system initially came to Alaina. She now has high expectations that her invention may one day help to reduce the number of automobile accidents.

“There are so many vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities that could have been prevented from a pillar not being there,” said Alaina.

“There are so many deaths that could have been stopped from a pillar not being there.” “And because we can’t remove it from the vehicles, I came up with a plan to get rid of it without actually removing it.”

This past Monday, a middle school student from West Grove, Pennsylvania took home the Samueli Foundation Prize, which is the most prestigious honor given out by the Broadcom MASTERS science and engineering competition for younger children. The prize was worth $25,000.

Maya Ajmera, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Society for Science and the Public and Publisher of Science News, congratulated Alaina on her project, which has the potential to reduce the number of automobile accidents by eliminating blind spots.

“Congratulations to Alaina,” she said. “her project has the potential to reduce the number of blind spots.”

“Alaina and her fellow Broadcom MASTERS finalists make me optimistic in spite of the many obstacles that exist in our world,” the speaker continued.

Watch the video…

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