Police Praise Creative Students for ‘Best Senior Prank’ They’ve Ever Seen… You won’t believe when you what was the prank…

High school students all across the United States are currently in the thick of graduation season, which means that they are planning the big execution of their senior prank to mark the end of their four years of high school.

The students at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin have already been awarded the title of “Best Senior Prank” by the local police department in the area where the high school is located in Wisconsin, so they might as well give up now.

When the senior class of that school staged an automobile accident that looked incredibly realistic in front of the principal’s office, both the local law enforcement and the school administration were overwhelmed with appreciation.

It may have appeared as though the vehicle had completely smashed through the brick wall of the school, but in reality, it was only the back half of a vehicle that had been salvaged from a junk yard.

After that, the students fastened a black tarp to the structure in such a way that it appeared as though there was a gaping hole in the wall.

The pranksters added the final touches by scribbling messages such as “CHS Class of 2018: We’re Bustin’ Out” on the windows and scattering bricks throughout the scene of the “accident.”

It was one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen, according to the police officers, who were so impressed by the prank that they shared images of the setup on their Facebook page.

Even the school district praised the vehicle for its appearance and performance.

“You seniors have done a great job! You made everyone in the district a touch on edge this morning!” writes the Facebook page for the school district.

“The most exciting part? Because this practical joke did not in any way include causing any harm to school property, the authorities chose to focus on it.

In addition to this, when the seniors posed with their masterpiece, they made sure to utilize it as a visual representation of the risks associated with underage drinking.

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