This video of a little girl reading to a sleeping cat will make you feel comfortable… But see why…

This cat thinks there’s nothing better than a good narrative before turning in for the night.

Abby Merryn, age 4, can be seen in a touching video posted on Twitter last week reading a bedtime story to her cat Bailey.

Bailey, unlike some cats, enjoys sitting across his friend’s lap while she reads aloud from a book.

He occasionally opens his eyes in his sleep to look at Abby’s face before drifting off again.

According to Erin, Abby’s mother, her daughter routinely curls up to her cat so she can read to him; and he is always the perfect audience.

Erin, a Chicago native, adopted Bailey thirteen years ago.

After the cat leaped into her arms and refused to let go, she felt a strong attraction to him.

And after all these years, he’s as as nice as ever.

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