VIDEO: Man Tips Restaurant Workers Thousands of Dollars for Water and Their Reactions Are Precious…

Watch the video below…

This video is just the latest example of how this YouTuber utilizes his popularity to help complete strangers out of the kindness of his heart and prove that “good things still happen to good people.”

A YouTuber by the name of MrBeast left thousands of dollars in tips for waiters and waitresses in Greenville, North Carolina back in October, and the video of the stunt was carried on dozens of news websites.

First, MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) and his pal go out to eat at various establishments and order two waters to get increasingly large gratuities.

The men left $10 and $20 tips at first, but after frequent visits, they start leaving $100 and $1,000 tips.

The film concludes with a waitress at a hot dog stand reacting to a $10,000 tip.

Bret Oliverio, proprietor of the Sup Dogs eatery, said WRAL that the YouTuber’s intention was to motivate customers at random.

“He stated he wants everyone to know that wonderful things still happen to decent people,” Oliverio said to the media. He was trying to brighten somebody’s day.

The waitress only retained $800 of the tip so that she and her coworkers could divide the rest.

Watch the video…

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