Clever Dog Always Brings a Leaf to ‘Buy’ Himself Treats at the Store… What they did at the store will surprise you

While some dogs might beg for food, this one is too proud to even consider it an option.

Even yet, the fact that his currency can be grown on trees is a big benefit.

The Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia is home to Negro the dog. He has been a vigilant study partner for the entire student body for the past five years.

In return for his presence on campus, the faculty gives him with a warm meal, lots of affection, and a secure bed.

However, Negro did observe some kids exchanging green slips of paper with the campus store owner for cookies while he was there.

The dog’s interest was piqued by the monetary transaction taking place before him, so the astute animal decided to try it out for himself.

Teacher Angela Garcia Bernal told The Dodo that her student “would go to the store and see the children donate money and receive something in exchange.”

Then one day he just showed up out of the blue, leaf in mouth, tail waving, demanding a cookie.

In exchange for his resourcefulness, the storekeeper took the leaf and handed him a cookie.

Since learning about the wonders of business, Negro has been “buying” a dog-friendly treat at the store every day. The proprietors, however, are careful to limit his intake.

The sales associate puts it best: “When you first see it, you almost want to cry.” He finally figured out how to be heard. He has an impressive amount of brains.

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