When Canine ‘Soulmates’ Can’t Be Kept Apart They… You won’t believe when you who are they…

These two doggy lovers are just as tragic as Romeo and Juliet.

Tate, short for Potate, is a young dog who Hailee Graham rescued from the streets. She has a strong bond with her neighbor, Vernon, and loves them both very much.

The next-door neighbor adopted a dog named Vernon around the same time that Graham got Tate, and despite the fence between them, the two dogs developed an intense want to be together.

Graham told The Dodo that every time she came home from seeing Vernon, she would discover Tate excavating a hole under the fence.

Instead of trying to arrange a meet-up at a dog park as most people would, Graham came up with a more creative plan.

Why not build a door in the fence so kids can play whenever and their hoomans don’t have to get involved?” she said.

Graham’s dad built a doggy door in the fence for his dog Vernon after getting the OK from Vernon’s owner, and it’s been a tremendous hit.

Both Vernon and Tate like spending time in each other’s yards and have even been known to go on “doggie dates.”

They like spending time together very much. According to what Graham revealed to The Dodo. “I hope they’re in love, but I have no way of knowing.”

This is your reward, joyful slobber. Because there has never been a love story more touching than Tate and Vernon’s.

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