While Fishing, 11-yo Boy Reels in a Purse Lost 25 Years Ago… and Returns it to Owner… You won’t believe when you see who was the owner…

A purse that had been lost for 25 years turned up at the end of an 11-year-old boy’s fishing rod.

The purse’s owner was shocked to get it back after the boy did the right thing.

Brodie Brocks was fishing at Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina, when he pulled in a purse that was full of water.

Everything inside was still there, including makeup, baby pictures, credit cards, and even a high school diploma.

It was all in a pocketbook with the owner’s name on it.

Even more amazing was that Brocks’s family knew April Bolt, whose name was in the pocketbook, so they knew it was her.

Bolt couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she heard that her purse had been found.

In 1992, when Bolt went on a boat with his family for a cookout, the purse was gone.

Bolt thought it had been stolen, so she was even happier to see that most of it was still in good shape.

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