Cat Has the Most Hilariously Priceless Reaction to Finding Out She’s Pregnant… See her face before knowing and after…

For some people, learning that they are going to be parents is the most wonderful moment of their lives; for others, however, it may not be as as exciting as they had anticipated.

For example, Ulla, the one-year-old cat, didn’t appear all that excited about it. In point of fact, she appeared to be utterly embarrassed.

When Ulla’s animal caregivers at the Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in Nuuk, Greenland witnessed the young cat’s reaction to the pregnancy earlier this month, they could not contain their amusement.

The shelter is located in Nuuk.

They had her come in for an ultrasound because they were concerned that she was beginning to show signs of being overweight.

However, when they checked her stomach, they did not find anything specifically wrong; instead, they discovered that she was carrying between four and five unborn kittens.

Ulla gave Tone Frank, a member of the animal shelter’s board of directors, a look that very plainly communicated, “Are you kitten me?!” after she had briefly looked at the screen.

In a later post, Frank shared on Reddit earlier this month images of the young cat’s humorous (and relatable) reaction to the news that was just announced.

The text of the caption was as follows: “When you find out that you’re pregnant…

Frank reminded the readers that they should not be too concerned about Ulla’s situation because she has already been adopted into a loving home and the kittens will be up for adoption whenever they are old enough to be welcomed into loving homes once they have reached the appropriate age.

In addition, Ulla and all of her kittens will be spayed in order to eliminate the possibility of any unintended pregnancies.

Therefore, if you live in Greenland and are seeking for the purrrfect new animal companion for your house, Ulla’s kitties will shortly be looking for homes to take them in very soon.

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