Daughter Can’t Stop Laughing About Her Mom’s Exercise Routine․․․ But then mom does this and …

This feisty mother has found a pleasant way to exercise, and she appears to be in excellent shape as a result of the effort she has put in. Her daughter may think that it is stupid.

This woman is taking advantage of a large beanbag chair to make the bicycle kicks she is doing with her child even more comfortable.

Bicycle kicks are beneficial to the body and are gentle on the joints.

The Oklahoma mother, who is being a good sport despite being plagued with questions on a video, cracks a joke about the necessity of being active in order to maintain good health and a youthful appearance.

Since laughter is the best medicine, it’s possible that the daughter is reaping some of the benefits of laughing as well.

Following some playful ribbing from their extended family, the two of them declare their love for one another, and it is clear that their feelings are quite sincere.

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