Woman Realizes the Old Dog She Just Adopted Was Same One She Had as a Child… See How They’ve Changed During These Years…

Nicole Grimes has been without Chloe, her cherished dog friend, for seven years.

When the child was 14, her father started working away from the house.

As a result, Chloe was abruptly left alone for extended periods of time, and she barked all day.

The Grimes family was compelled to take into account the concerns of the neighbors regarding the young, boisterous dog and to give her up for adoption at a nearby shelter.

Nicole was heartbroken about the loss of her friend even though she knew why her parents made the choice they did, and she never forgot her.

Nicole, a mother of a 21-year-old, saw that one of her Facebook friends had shared a picture of an elderly dog in need of a loving home.

Nicole and her husband now reside in Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

The neighbor of the deceased elderly couple published the adoption advertisement on Facebook after the couple’s passing.

She made the decision to adopt the hound because it resembled Chloe a lot.

It simply made me think of my last dog. So I made the decision to house her,” Grimes told TODAY.

The dog’s name, Chloe, made things even stranger.

One day Nicole took the dog in for a microchip scan because she couldn’t stop thinking about how similar the dog looked to her childhood friend.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the new canine family member turned out to be the exact dog that Nicole had been forced to give up all those years before.

Grimes remarked, “I felt like I had won the jackpot. “I never imagined I’d run into her again.”

The little family will now be able to shower Chloe with all the hugs and kisses Nicole has been missing out on since she was a young child.

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