Couple is Shocked to See Themselves in the Same Tourist Photo From Years Before They Met… See how they met…

While some might assume that this picture only shows two Chinese visitors posing in front of a sculpture outside, the truth is considerably more interesting.

The 18-year-old picture shows Xue, who is visiting the May Fourth Square in the port city of Qingdao to cheer up her mother after surgery.

Ye can be seen in the backdrop, traveling for his mother’s own pleasure on a vacation.

But Ye went in her place because of a sudden attack of appendicitis.

What’s strange about the image? In eleven years, they will get married, although they aren’t aware of it yet.

In 2011, Xue and Ye had their first encounter in Chengdu. They were married, fell in love, and had twin girls.

However, they were unaware that they had come so close to meeting in a place thousands of miles from their current residence until this past week.

They didn’t make the link until they were looking through old images and saw that Ye was posing for a picture of his own while standing in the backdrop of Xue’s image.

The couple’s pals claim that the picture is unmistakably proof that they were destined to be together.

Ye said to Sina News, “I was taken aback when I viewed the photo and I experienced shivers all over my body.

“I too snapped a picture, although from a different viewpoint. It was the identical pose [as shown in Ms. Xue’s picture].”

“It appears that Qingdao is one of our country’s most unique cities. We’ll visit Qingdao once more and take another family photo once the kids are older.

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