Buying a Coffee and a Muffin at Restaurant Drive-thru Saves a Stranger’s Life… See How…

When Glen Oliver pulls up to the Tim Horton’s drive-thru window to get his morning coffee, he always makes it a point to pay for the order of the customer who is in line behind him.

In addition to this, he requests that the employees of the restaurant wish the customer a pleasant day “just in case” they are not already doing so.

Oliver has never made a great thing out of his own charitable deeds; he has always believed it to be the least that he could do for humanity and therefore he has never made a big issue about it.

However, in November, a letter that he had sent to someone was published on a news website, and that’s when he found out that he had done more than just buy someone breakfast; he had actually saved their life.

An anonymous person reportedly penned a letter, which was included in an opinion column that was published by a news organization serving the Durham Region.

In the message, the individual stated that they intended to take their own life on July 18th.

The author claims that while they were at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru in Pickering, Ontario, they had the intention of going home, writing a note, and taking their own life.

However, when they went to pay for their coffee and muffin, the cashier informed them that the man in the SUV in front of them had picked up the tab and told them to have a good day.

The author then changed their mind and decided not to take their own life.

The author said, “I questioned why someone would purchase coffee for a stranger for no reason,” and the writer went on to say that he had pondered the same thing.

“Why me? Why today? If I were more of a religious person, I might consider this to be a sign. There was a reason why you chose to do this act of kindness on me on this particular day.

When they finally reached their destination, they began to cry and reflect on the seemingly insignificant act of kindness that had such a profound impact on their lives.

“It was at that very time that I made the decision to alter my plans for the day and do something kind for another person.

In the end, I assisted a neighbor in bringing goods in from her car and putting them away inside the house.

The author states that in the months that followed the disastrous event, they made it a point to do at least one kind thing for someone else every day, and as a result, their life has been “enriched in more ways than I could have anticipated.”

“To the wonderful man in the SUV… thank you from the bottom of my heart, and know that your good deed has truly saved a life,” they said.

“To the kind man in the SUV… thank you from the bottom of my heart,” they added. “On July 18, 2017, I not only had a wonderful day, but I had the most wonderful day possible!”

Oliver was overcome with emotion after reading about the person’s response in the newspaper, and he was unable to control them.

“You know, it’s the least I can do for certain folks. It’s the barest minimum.” Oliver said to Global News that it is comparable to holding the door open.

“Do you realize how exponential it is now? To the majority of people, it seemed like such a trivial and unimportant event, yet it turned out to be “… the planets align for somebody.”

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